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Summary of Week Ten

Hello, Hello!

ALMOST THERE GUYS! ALMOST THERE! WOO HOO! I think this week may have been a favorite for me. I think I said that about last week too but I really liked this week. Making movies is extremely fun for me and I get excited about learning how to make different kinds of transitions in editing and I also enjoying going out and videotaping scenes for my movies. As always, let’s go over the week!

How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?
What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?
What would you do differently? What questions to you have?
What are some of the larger issues surrounding your work? Cultural/Societal implications?

  1. I think I did a really great job this week. I read Mr.Eberts techniques and watched three additional clips about “shooting from below” and perspectives and angles. They were all really eye opening and I believe I used the knowledge to properly analyze one of the clips we had to choose. I really tried to think about the audio and the visuals and how everything worked together. I am also extremely happy with how my two video assignments turned out. I completed two assignments that were 4 stars each. Although there are some things I could become better at, the movies turned out pretty good!
  2. Nothing gave me trouble this week. I mean, not any real trouble. Video taping my dog was hard at times because he moves around a lot and I needed good lighting for crisp video clips. I also had to get creative with how I shoot videos and at what time of day. All of this was enjoyable though so I can’t say it was hard…
  3. I have no questions this week! and I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I’m pretty happy. Oh wait, okay, I only did 3 DailyCreates. That’s okay.
  4. This week was on a more lighthearted side. From my two videos, the biggest message is that I think society is starting to forget how to take responsibility for its actions. Everybody wants to blame somebody else, or they just want to hire somebody to do the work for them. My video about a day in the life of my dog is a reminder that when we buy a pet, we must be responsible for its health and well being. We can’t just tie them up outside and expect magical fairies to come and play with them. My other video is a time lapse of me cleaning the fridge. If somebody wants to laugh about how crazy I am for “detailing” the fridge, they can do that. But I like to think that a clean fridge is much better than a nasty one with food rotting away and spills everywhere. Take responsibility for where and how you live. I am not trying to be harsh or anything, I just think we would all be happier once we take more responsibility.


3 Daily Creates   Reading Movies   Analysis of a Scene   VideoAssignment 1   VideoAssignment 2


I commented on one of Rachel’s posts and agreed with her about some of the things that Mr.Ebert pointed out. I also let her know of an issue with her video and why the issue was occurring. I also made a comment on Tori’s fantastic video assignment where she talks to her 16 year old self. I really liked watching it. Finally, I commented on Emma’s video of her dog. I did that assignment as well so it was fun to see another person’s pet in action.

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