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Summary of Week Six


Alrighty, not gonna lie. I’m ready for this class to be over. I feel like I probably have no creativity left in me at this point (kind of joking, but kind of not). I am very close to graduating and I kind of wish somebody took me by the shoulders and said “Maryna, this class will destroy any free time you think you might have”. I am a biology major and I feel that I put more work into this course than I do into my biology classes. I don’t really know why…it’s a 3 credit course and I should probably be striving for an A in Environmental Physiology rather than this course (if I have to choose one or the other). I’ve come this far though so I might as well finish it off but I have a feeling i’ll have to put in less work and sacrifice some weekly grades. I guess this is my way of saying “I CAN get a good grade, so don’t think i’m stupid or lazy! I just need a breather” Maybe the next two weeks of our radio project will be easier since we are working in a group to create something. We shall see.

  • How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?
  • What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn?
  • What would you do differently? What questions to you have?
  • What are some of the larger issues surrounding your work? Cultural/Societal implications?

I feel that I did an okay job this week of completing the requirements. I realized rather late that I got slightly confused about what was due: For some reason, I thought the “Love at First Shot” assignment was a part of our five design assignments and I happily went about my business. Despite that misunderstanding, I completed 4 design assignments worth 13 points. I was also a bit confused because in one part of our Week Six requirements it says we need at least 12 stars, but in the end where it lists what we need to get done, it says 15 stars. Obviously, I went with 12.

Trouble, trouble…photoshop was slightly difficult to deal with on the “Cartoon You” assignment. I felt like I was stepping into more advanced territory and I had to spend time looking up why I wasn’t seeing some of my palettes and why some of my results didn’t come out the same way as in a tutorial. Surprisingly, I enjoyed writing a reflection on Vignelli’s design principles the most. I usually dislike write-ups but his booklet was short and helpful. It made me look at design with more scrutiny and made me appreciate good design work (or what I think is good design). I learned about all the different things that go into a good design and I learned more about photoshop functions like using layers and filters.

I have no questions! It doesn’t take long to find an answer to a question, especially with the help of google.

Less cultural and societal implications this week, and more simple design fun. In my LOGO assignment, I did talk about how certain phrases and words have been so overused that they are resented. Like “climate change” and “going green” and I discussed how that is a really big problem because it forces people to turn away from issues that should be thought about.

The Radio Show

So far so good I think. Some of our people seemed to have disappeared somewhere but it looks like they all came back. We are definitely called Wacky History and we will be choosing some objects and posting them to the group on Wednesday to decide on our final ones. I also asked for everybody to write their twitter account so that we can have a quick and easy form of communication. Mitchell threw out some ideas for format but as of now, I don’t think we decided on a format yet.  Rachel was kind enough to create an AWESOME logo! I love it.



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