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Summary of Week 3

Hey guys and gals,

Another week complete. Soon, i’ll have a whole month done! Doing okay and learning a great deal.

To be honest, I can’t say I learned anything new. My notion on story telling hasn’t changed from what I thought it was in my “thoughts and ideas” post about storytelling. I did see that some stories are done better than others and that the more senses that are involved, the better the story. I also became more familiar with what a full digital story looks like with the use of multiple media. Being able to captivate people and engage them is handy in any career or field of study. Being a goo communicator is handy in general. I plan to go into sustainability and conservation which means I will have to be able to convince people that action needs to be taken. If I can’t present a convincing story, nobody will listen. MY THOUGHTS ON STORYTELLING

Vonnegut’s shapes for stories was a very simple and logical way to analyze them. I am a biology major so graphs are comfortable for me and they are easy to follow. However, now as I read over this, I can’t help but wonder if I was supposed to actually draw a graph but make it fit to a book/movie/ tv show of my choosing. If that’s the case, then I slightly missed the point of the assignment. The Digital Storytelling piece I chose was one in which a YouTuber takes us through her day in Tanzania. She talks us through the video footage we are seeing and tells us about herself and the story of her life.SHAPE OF A STORY

The Digital Storytelling project I chose to was one in which Pixar wanted to blackmail Disney into stopping the release of more Disney movies. Pixar did this because they wanted the spotlight on their release of Toy Story 3. Really great digital story with videos, pictures, and voice recordings! I looked over some others as well and I got a MUCH better sense of what a digital story looks like. It’s always nice to see a concrete example as something to go by. STUDENT EVALUATION

Telling a Story in Photos: A Tale of Two Pictures

Reflection:Two Pictures

Commenting was pretty fun and sometimes a little frustrating. For some posts, I thought I knew what I wanted to say but then I would blank or have just one sentence. I am also pretty bad at giving criticisms  unless somebody comes up to me and personally asks me a question about something specific. I don’t think I gave any criticism but I will try a little harder for next week. For the most part, everybody was lovely and I now have a few people who I feel will be regulars on my blog and I will be a regular on theirs. It seems there was a bit of drama going on with criticisms but I think in general people handled themselves very well. It can be difficult to understand the balance of what is a good way to say something and what is not. Here are a few of my comments: JACKTORI,EMMA,MITCHELL and there are plenty more but I can’t seem to track them down right now which means I need to keep better track next week.


General Feelings: This week has been rough. Okay, every week has been rough so far! I feel that I am still struggling with how many “little” things we need to do. We post on twitter and then post the same thing in a blog and then post it again in a weekly summary and then there are so many links to copy and paste and keep track of. I am still trying to figure out the best way for me to get into the groove of things. I like the aspect of this class where I learn more about making videos and GIFS and photography, but I am not a big fan of how much writing there is so far. I just don’t like to write, so reflections are not my best friends. I am also not the type of person who loves to talk about their opinions for hours and I find that I become drained after one reflection. However, I am aware that this is digital STORYTELLING so it’s something I will have to make the most of. I am happy with my blog and am happy with most of my work.

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