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Storytelling, You Say?

Good evening guys and gals,

For me, storytelling has different categories and requirements for each category. For example, there is storytelling via fiction  or non-fiction novels, there is story telling via movies or picture or art, and there is storytelling which occurs between people who are sitting around a warm fire.

The the backbone of any story is the ability to make people visualize and feel a scene with all of their senses. The more senses involved in a  story, the richer it becomes. A storyteller transports the human mind to another world so that people may escape their realities and be enriched with a new experience. In books, stories must have well developed characters and good plot lines. The writing must be such that people can feel and see the characters and settings in their mind. In movies, because the visual is already given, the story must have beautiful and dramatic, or action packed scenes and a dialogue that isn’t elementary or boring. When it comes to stories told my people to other people, in my opinion, they just need enthusiasm.

I used to beg my grandmother to tell me “stories” all the time when I was young. We would always go for an evening walk and she would tell me random things that she experienced when she was younger. There was no action, there was no masterfully written dialogue, but she spoke with enthusiasm and her energy made the story real. Also, with spoken stories, I think exxageration helps. Nothing wrong with tweaking the details for a bigger effect.

The introduction of “digital” doesn’t sound good to me because “digital” implies a world without some of the human senses. Reading a paper book means you can hold it and feel it, and smell it. You can also see where the wear and tear is and the creases are. A digital book is just another visual on a computer screen. However, I do not wish to be completely close-minded. I really enjoy YouTube videos created by random people because they tell a digital story and they are very fun to watch. Also, just like YouTube, the digital world allows people to access more stories, faster. Even though my grandmother can tell me about her life, she can’t tell me about the life of a blogger overseas. In that sense, digital storytelling is connecting humans with more stories and new lessons about the world as a whole. It has opened the doors to previously inaccessible knowledge. So for me, digital is faster, and more but it sacrifices some of the things that really enrich a story.


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  1. Tori Lear Tori Lear

    The way you describe storytelling is beautiful, and as enriching as you imagine the action itself to be. I agree with your points that sometimes it can be difficult to have stories that are as engrossing online as they are being spoken in person, but I think the comparison of digital books to physical books forgets that much of the experience the reader has reading the story comes from…the reader. The storyteller does have to put in a lot of effort to create this world and make it as physically imaginable as possible, but the reader also has to be open to imagining that world, even if they’re not able to smell the old book or turn the weathered pages. Digital storytelling also allows for more amateur writers to have a platform that’s accessible and not as cutthroat as physical publishing is. Sure, it usually doesn’t have any monetary value attached to it, but it allows for readers to give immediate feedback on what they read, which can help the storyteller grow and create more enriching stories.

    I’ve spent a lot of time being adamant that I would never get an e-reader because it’s not the same as holding a physical book, but I think there is something advantageous to e-readers and digital stories that just can’t be accomplished in physical storytelling.

    • admin admin

      Hey Tori,

      Thanks for taking the time and commenting on my “thoughts and ideas”. You are right, the human mind is ultimately what creates the experience. Even how people perceive reality is different based on the individual. I guess i’m just still being stubborn about the whole idea; especially because I used to work at a book store where people really, really loved their books. We had a “Nostalgia” section with beautiful old books and each one had so much character.
      I am on the “same page” (get it?) as you about how the digital world allows amateurs to share their ideas. I haven’t even previously thought of it that much but yes, publishing a book can be very costly and time consuming. All this wasted time could have been spent publishing work online for free and allowing the world to see it immediately. #talkingpolack106


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