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Other Student’s Digital Story

Hey guys!

I looked through some of the previous projects and stopped with THIS one because it gave me the exact example of a multimedia digital story that I needed to further understand what digitally storytelling is. I like it because it takes a theme that nearly everybody knows and loves and spins it in a completely different and humorous light.

The digital story was created by Astegemi and it is called “Pixar Silencing Disney Movie Production” in which the plot is that Pixar is a rival of Disney and wants to make sure that the spotlight remains on its release of Toy Story 3 and not on some other Disney princess movie. So, the obvious solution is to catch the Disney Princesses misbehaving and to blackmail Disney into silence.

Reason for liking: Although I believe that Pixar is a part of Disney, I think it was very clever to turn the two against each other in a childish and manipulative way. People assume that businesses and corporations have a certain decorum and respect  for each other but I think we know that sometimes behind closed doors, people will do little things to get ahead. So essentially, this was a made-up story but it has some truthful implications behind it and brings it up in a funny light. Also, it allowed Astegemi to use multiple types of media to bring the story to life. The video of the princesses was very funny and the song choice was appropriate (I make the good girls go bad!”) Astegemi made sure to make the progression of the story interesting by giving the audience bits and pieces of media to aid in their imagination. This combination is exactly what a digital story should look like. The blackmail letter was a perfect visual and the radio leak was the best part of the whole story because Astegemi showed a regular person driving in their car and hearing the radio announcement and having a hilarious response to it.

I would say the story didn’t exactly have an arc: Disney and Pixar both began in an average position and then Disney collapsed and Pixar rose. There weren’t any real ups and downs. In that sense, I think this could be a part of a larger story: maybe one in which Disney retaliates with something and brings Pixar down or everybody hate Toy Story 3 and then Pixar has to go to Disney for help. If Astegemi continued the story, I think it would have been a good completed piece of digital storytelling.


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