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Reflection of a Face-Lift

Reflection of a Face-Lift

Based on the title, I expected the reading and the conference video to be about either the importance of building your “own space” on the web or about HOW to build it. I honestly didn’t think it would be anything too entertaining but I did believe that I would probably learn a thing or two and have something minor to think about. Not only was the whole experience extremely entertaining, but it really, “hit home” concerning education and the role we and our children will play in the technological future.

Clay Shirky’s “digital facelift” made more and more sense as I read the ARTICLE and watched the LIVE PRESENTATION. At the heart of things, Gardner does not only speak of our increasing hesitance to explore and learn new technologies, he exposes the major issues with the current education system. Young minds need a good example and they also need to learn by experience and “figuring things out”. For example, I have always retained something that I took the time to figure out myself much longer than information which was just given to me. Basically, I don’t need digital or non-digital facelifts, I need to be given the tools and skills to completely rebuild something.

On the more specific theme of cyberspace, I both agree and slightly disagree. The disagreement may just be a result of fear because when it comes to technology, I have weird moments where I prefer things the “old fashioned way” because they provide more privacy and a safe haven from the fast-paced world outside. If a person builds a personal infrastructure on the web, it will most likely be immediately accessible to millions of people who can leave comments, or take screenshots, or tell their friends. The only way to escape that is to shut off your computer and go sit on your porch quietly. However, I completely agree that human creativity will evolve and technological spaces are the canvas now. All people should at least know that these amazing resources are available at their fingertips: web hosting, twitter, youtube, photoshop, programs, chats, Instagram. All of these things allow a human to release their creativity and really “declare themselves” as Gardner said in his talk. Gardner also mentioned that students and people should not be afraid to show their vulnerabilities to each other. I also agree with that because I am afraid to show my creative work due to my own insecurities and I know that it greatly hinders my progress.

In conclusion, it was a fantastic article and talk. I have always envied people who have amazingly interesting YouTube channels and do what they love in style, but I was afraid to try it myself because cyberspace isn’t for everybody, right? WRONG. This is really going to push me to release some of my own creativity and share it with the world.

Here is Gardner Campbell’s personal website: Genius

P.S. Gardner’s amazing save: ” and then the lights go off and we all hold hands and dance” was hilarious. Brilliant.


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  1. I love watching people who inspire me to do different things or push me to try something new! Technology is so up and coming I think its a great thing. Campbell explains in detail the benefits of technology, which is awesome and its moving so fast! But I agree with you too, I like some things the old fashioned way. Its nice to read a book in my hand! I love my laptop and everything that I can explore with it, but I think you make a good point. Nice post 🙂

    • admin admin

      Exactly, I really hate E-Books and stuff. There’s nothing better than having a shelf full of the books I really love. 🙂


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