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Computer Bugs? New Guinea Bugs?

Michael Wesch Talk

I assumed this talk would be very similar to Campbell’s presentation in the sense that Michael Wesch would most likely dive deeper into the emerging cyber-world and the importance in finding a place in it. After listening to his presentation, I came away with the main idea that first, it is in the best interest to adapt to new environments and second, our new environment is the connected web and we must adapt and thrive in it.

I thought Michael Wesch’s example of his time in New Guinea was a long, but perfect example of how difficult it can be to adjust to a foreign environment and how our identities are as much a result of our environment as they are of our own making. When he related all of this back to our progression into the cyber-world, it became very clear that because so much is done on the web, we can’t possibly ignore it. Michael Wesch couldn’t ignore the bugs that were pestering him so he had to get used to them. People can no longer excuse themselves from being “knowledge-able” when it comes to digital literacy because commerce, interaction, and even marriages now occur via the internet.

Michael Wesch also discussed the education system in the exact same way that Campbell discussed it: that students need to be active learners, or knowledge-able, and they need to be able to come to conclusions themselves not just memorize everything out of a textbook. This is a very important issue to address because even as a young, somewhat technologically savvy person, I have an expectation that somebody will just tell me how to do things and I will memorize how they are done and never understand the actual concept behind what i’m doing. I catch myself getting frustrated when I can’t figure out a Photoshop issue and I give up very quickly because I don’t even feel confident that I can figure it out myself.

In conclusion, I am beginning to understand more and more that I cannot sit in the sidelines. Even though I have a Facebook and a twitter account and maybe I have played around with Photoshop, I am still behind the technology because I have never tried to build and host a website, I barely know some of the handy functions of Google searching, and I didn’t even know what SoundCloud was before I started this class. It’s time to increase my digital literacy.

-Maryna Matorina

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  1. This a great reflection. I like how you related the pestering bugs in New Guinea to people in the modern age needing to become digitally literate. After watching his presentation, I realized too that it is painstakingly important to have more digital knowledge and how one day the digital world will start defining people in the real world. All in all, I relate and agree with everything you’ve said in this reflection. #talkingpolack106

    • admin admin

      Hey Rachel!

      Thanks for reading my reflection and commenting. I think I always pushed digital literacy aside because, well, I don’t know why. Maybe I was too lazy.
      My boyfriend presses buttons and makes magical things happen on his computer and I never took the time to learn the short keys. It’s embarrassing now and honestly detrimental to my future success. I’m glad you agree!

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