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Week 5 Comments


This week was comment heavy but i’m afraid I fell behind. We also met our new group members and had the chance to look at some of their work and get to know them better. We needed to post at least two comments on each group member’s blog. I did not post at least two comments on everybody’s blog but here is what I did:

Rachel: COMMENT 1COMMENT 2   Tori: COMMENT 1 , COMMENT 2   Benjamin: COMMENT 1   Mitchell: COMMENT 1    Chantel: COMMENT 1

We also needed to comment on three other people’s blogs. I think I am really starting to get to know “the regulars” which are the people I seem to run into the most in the class. I only commented on one person’s blog and that was for Andrew Boswell: COMMENT

I did reply to a few comments and had a few conversations, especially with Rachel (The Prosperous Daisy). She is in my group so I am very glad we got to comment back and forth.


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