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Run Turtle, Run!

Hey guys and gals!


This assignment required us to make a funny newspaper article! As always, I had to use my dog. Because he is hilarious. This assignment is called Something That Will Make You LOL If You Read it in a Newspaper and it is worth 2.5 stars. The exact instructions are: “Step 1. Imagine yourself reading the paper in the morning. Step 2. Think of something (a story) that would make you laugh and brighten your day if you read it. Step 3. Using any resource available to you, make a fake news article, that incorporates your sense of humor. Even if it is an inside joke that only you and a handful of people would get (laugh)”

THE PRODUCT (click for full size)

Word Newspaper Template 1 (.doc)-page0001

I wanted to do a funny and slightly sarcastic story about a turtle that we found in our yard. We came back from a run and Reagan just couldn’t get enough of the thing. He kept barking at it and pawing at it with no use. We also have no idea where the turtle came from… really. We haven’t seen any in our two years living here and I remember somebody telling me that in Virginia you can’t have turtles as pets. I’m not sure how accurate or inaccurate that information is. I didn’t want any bright colors and I wanted the text to be spaced out with enough pictures in between. Everybody loves looking at pictures. Todays young people, including myself, have a hard time reading a lot of material because we get bored or start to think about something else. That’s probably not a very good thing. I also found a picture of a simple Morning Glory flower because it added a delicate splash of color to the newspaper and I thought it was a nice touch.


I decided to find a Word template for this to save some time. All I did was type “Newspaper Word templates” into google and I got a bunch of links and choices. You just have to look through them to find what works.  I got mine here. It’s the top one. From that point, everything is very self explanatory. Open the file and customize it however it fits your needs. You can delete text boxes and lines and pictures. Really easy and very user friendly! A video is below of how I did it. It’s not the full work but it shows you what you need to do.

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