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Ronald Reagan

Hey guys and gals!

This week was visual week for us so we all had the pleasure of creating visual assignments with a story behind them. My main method was usually photoshop but this assignment was fairly simple and I did not need photoshop, just some creativity.


“Make a collage out of photos of your pet (or your favorite animal)! Either take past photos or take photos throughout the week that show how cute or how funny they can be!” The assignment can be found HERE and it is worth 3.5 stars. We basically needed to create a cute collage of our pet so that others may get a glimpse into our lives.


Our dog’s name is Reagan, after Ronald Reagan because my husband really liked Ronald Reagan. The fact is, we are both in love with our “dog child” and I believe this to be a common phenomenom amongst human populations. I also believe that we take our pets and farm animals for granted and we have forgotten how long it took to domesticate these creatures and what a huge difference they make to our lives. Mongolian tribes are said to train their children to ride horses from such an early age that the children might as well have been born on a horse. That’s because horses are companions, and transportation, and a huge part of that particular culture. I live in an area where my neighbor has chickens and a few houses down, there are horses and cows. Seeing these creatures reminds me of how important they are to our society. There is no doubt that I make the mistake of forgetting where my burger comes from all the time, or forgetting that at one point, wild wolves were serious enemies to human tribes and not furry cuddle buddies. I believe we should always look back on the achievements we have made and appreciate the work put into it. Today, canines are used as service animals, as protectors, as crime investigators, airport security, and in military operations. Dogs die in the service of humans all the time and for that, we should give our pets a good belly rub. Whether it’s your horse, your pig, your cat, or your dog, think about all the wonderful things that animal brings into your life.

THE RESULT (click to see full size)



This was a simple assignment for the most part. First, I looked through all the pictures that I have taken over the years of my dog Reagan. I also took a few extra photographs just in case so that I would have something to choose from. I googled “collage maker” and found BEFUNKY. I didn’t have to download anything and the collage maker had a bunch of great layouts and photo editing options. I uploaded some pictures and then moved them around and played with some templates until I found what I liked. I didn’t want to have too many small photos so I chose the two large and two small ones. Two are from when Reagan was a puppy and two of him as he is now. When I was finished, I saved the collage into my folder. Below is a video of exactly what I did and how the BeFunky interface looked like.

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  1. This is a fantastic and touching post! I absolutely love the way you connected this with how important pets are to society because I could not agree more. Your collage is great because it is always nice to see how much a pet has grown throughout the years. Your video tutorial is quite helpful. What software did you use to make it? #talkingpolack106
    Funny side note: My mom wanted to name me Reagan after Ronald Reagan! However, my dad obviously won that battle.

    • admin admin

      Hey Rachel!

      Yay! I know there are people out there who don’t really care for dogs (or any kind of pets) and that’s fine. I don’t judge. But pets are the best, so it’s awesome to share that with fellow students. 🙂
      As for software, I just used the website. I believe it was called “” or something: I think I linked it in my blog- i’ll check on that.

      Thanks for stopping by! #talkingpolack106

      OH, P.S. That’s really funny about your name! Reagan is a strong, good name. No surprise there!

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