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Procrastination Nation

Good Afternoon all!

So much Digital Storytelling work to do. Time to meditate.


My name is Maryna Matorina and I am a senior biology major at the University of Mary Washington. If anybody is wondering  why my site name is “pgrusski”, it’s because I was born in the Ukraine and speak fluent Russian. Sometimes, friends like to call me “Russki” or even “Commie” because all Russians are obviously communists by default, we use vodka for bath water, and we brush our teeth with pickles. I assumed this first introductory blog was our week assignment. JOLLY GOOD ASSIGNMENT

I actually had no idea what Digital Storytelling was all about and now that I know, I am both terrified and excited. A fantastic combination of feeling.

I think I am a great singer but I’m probably completely average. However, here is a recording of my regular ‘ole voice when I am speaking normally. I thought it would be nice to say hi to you guys as a more personal touch!

I think most people enjoy taking pictures and I am no exception. My dog Reagan is the perfect model but I do take pictures of random things here and there. Dogs are just extremely photogenic. I would really love to buy a “nice camera”, although i’m not really sure what that even means. Ever since I took an Ornithology class, which is the study of birds, I have been trying to get some good bird pictures. I was finally successful when my boyfriend and I found a nest in our grill. Check out the picture -> BABY BIRDS!

Speaking of birds and nature in general, I am thinking of continuing my education in the field of sustainability and conservation. 🙂

Reagan on a Snowy Day!



As a person, I have a hard time organizing creative works and creating a smooth story out of them. Usually, I just lay out bits and pieces but I hope to really improve. I wanted to get creative today and create a whole introductory (or just entertaining) video for everybody to watch. It depicts my feelings about procrastinating (have you noticed the title of the blog). ENJOY.

Well, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! Leave questions, comments, and absolutely no concerns.



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