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Old Lady is More Fit Than You.

Hey guys and gals!

This week we had to work with the web and all the cool tools that it offers. Our requirement included completing two web based assignments worth a total of 6 points.

The Assignment

This assignment is worth 2.5 stars and the requirement for it is: “Remix a Guinness Book of World records web page. Pick any record you want and somehow remix it. Try and connect it to a story, and add some background inspiration into your idea for inspiration. Maybe it was the record you always wanted to set, or break. Or maybe it fits perfectly into a story you are creating. How ever it fits be creativ and have fun with it.”

The Result

I chose the Worlds Oldest Gymnast record. Here is the original and here is the result.

The Story

I am not unhealthy but I am also not “fit”. If somebody could just give me a pill that would make my body capable of amazing physical feats and flexibility I would gladly take it, I mean, who WOULDN’T? Anyway, I truly look up to the people who have trained so hard and learned to use their bodies to the full potential. It’s like seeing somebody who went to school and became a neurosurgeon or a great writer. We have all the tools but unfortunately, most people never reach their full potential or don’t even think they can. At this point in my life, I’m fairly certain I will never become a gymnast and I probably won’t be able to do a squat by the time i’m 70. It’s a little fantasy of myself that I like to entertain. What if I could do the splits and pull myself up effortlessly? All of this ties into the fact that if we truly want something, we must expect to work very hard for it. A gymnast did not just wake up one morning and become a gymnast. Also, reading about the real woman who holds the record is very inspiring and at the least, maybe she can inspire me to become a little better and work out more.

The Process

I downloaded the X-Ray Goggles and then went to the Guinness World Records site. Since I knew that I wanted some physical feat, I immediately looked in that section and found the World’s Oldest Gymnast record. Next, I activated my goggles and made my changes by clicking on the areas that I wanted to alter. I didn’t change the picture because i’m not 86 years old and therefore don’t have a picture of myself as an older lady. I figure I could very well look like her when i’m 86… When I was done with the changes I clicked “Publish” on the menu to the right and copied my new URL. That was it!

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