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Mysterious Super Dog

There was once a family of three…

Chapter 1.

Aaron, Maryna, and their dog Reagan were living happy and busy lives. This family of three spent sunny days going on runs, doing school work, going to work, and cooking. Basically, an average life for the average folks. However, one day, as Maryna and Aaron looked upon their sleeping furry friend, they felt that something was missing in their lives. Perhaps, Reagan needed a little friend. Somebody he could be with while his human parents were out and about. The desire was there, but could this family handle a whole new tail-wagging family member? The answer came in the form of a simple announcement: Free puppy! They knew immediately that this would be the one. Her name would be Remi and early on a Saturday morning, Aaron, Maryna and Reagan jumped into the car prepared for their 4 hour trip to meet Remi.


Chapter 2.

Remi came into their lives howling and gnawing and wagging her tail. She wobbled around on her four little legs which were working hard to support her enormous belly and at night, locked in a crate, she squealed and cried so loud that the angels in heaven could undoubtedly hear her. Just like a normal puppy dog. Except, Maryna began to notice that perhaps Remi was not so normal. From the beginning, she looked at her new human family with understanding and seemed to have an unparalleled intelligence. She was feisty and strong. Maryna and Aaron brushed it off and assumed she was just the result of great breeding. However, she stopped crying at nights and Maryna did not think anything of it, until strange events began to occur.

Chapter 3.

In the mornings, Remi always looked as if she was up to no good the night before but Maryna paid it no mind because there were news spreading that criminals were mysteriously being stopped dead in their tracks. Every day, the news was of yet another crime thwarted by an unknown hero and not only that, but the hero was apparently a dog! The description and video clips looked very much like Remi but it couldn’t be possible! Remi didn’t fly… and she certainly didn’t shoot lasers out of her eyes. Maryna asked Aaron his opinion and upon further investigation of their dog, they concluded that it simply couldn’t be her. The dog on the news was SuperDog, and their puppy was just a little chubby ball of joy.

Chapter 4.

Days passed and everything continued just as it was. Remi ate and played with Reagan and lived the life of a puppy. Aaron and Maryna continued with their busy lives. Watching SuperDog on the news was always entertaining and Maryna wondered who was lucky enough to have such a brave puppy. One day, she was cleaning Remi’s crate and saw a piece of paper laying folded in the corner. It was very small and Maryna took it into her hand and looked at it.


She could not believe her eyes. Was this a business card?! This was Remi! Or more like, Remi Super. The SuperDog on the news was the very puppy Maryna and Aaron were raising! Without wanting to alarm her undercover hero, Maryna quickly put the paper away and decided to discuss with Aaron how they would catch Remi in the act.

Chapter 5.

One night, after putting Remi in her crate and retiring to the bedroom with their other dog Reagan, Maryna and Aaron turned off all the lights and left their door slightly ajar. They would listen for movement and catch her in the act. At 3:20 a.m. they finally heard the crate door open and they gave her a few minutes to walk out and put on her SuperDog gear. Maryna and Aaron both jumped right out of bed and rushed down the hall with a flashlights yelling “AHA!”. Remi froze in her tracks, red cape covering her back and an “S” sign planted on her chest. Maryna and Aaron ran up to her and picked her up happily saying how proud they were that their dog was SuperDog and that they would keep her identity secret and help her fight crime. Reagan also chimed in with a few happy barks. He was tired of keeping silent on the matter.


From that day forth, Maryna and Aaron were always supportive of Remi’s role and allowed her to become the true hero that she was in the eyes of the people. Any time they saw a poster of SuperDog they smiled to themselves. Nobody else was in on the secret.

 REMI HERO complete

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