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Love Monster

Hey everybody!

DesignDesignDesign! This week is heavy with design assignments. I feel that photoshop and I are becoming very good friends indeed.

The Assignment

Love at First Shot is a 3 star assignment in which we had to” Take/Find a picture of a couple who are obviously in love. Use the picture to tell a story. Give the story some background and maybe even create a dialogue between the two or tell the story from each point of view. Just give it some detail and create a background to your photo! It can be a true story or a completely made up one, just have fun with it!” As an addition, we needed to change something significant about our picture.

The Result

love at first shot

John and Jenny were young and they knew their parents would never understand when they mentioned that they wanted to become parents to some abandoned Seamonster. Seamonsters were well known in their little town because it was situated right on lake Slither and sightings of these beautiful creatures were not rare. It was going to be a difficult journey raising a creature that lived in the lake and ate more than a ton of food a day but Jenny and John were in love and they believed that if they worked together, they could help their little abandoned Seamonster. They named her Pum’kin because they found her on the shore on the first day of Fall. The first few years were tough, as all kids who claim they can take care of a pet, John and Jenny could not have imagined just how much work it would be. Pum’kin was feisty and she cried for her mother. She didn’t enjoy the bathtub and she hated the human food she was being forced to eat. One night, years in, as Jenny was trying desperately to quiet Pum’kin down, Pum’kin snapped at her arm and drew some blood. Jenny immediately called John and told him she couldn’t do it anymore. When John arrived, he placed his Jenny’s hand into his and said “I think it’s time we let her go out on her own. She needs to learn how to hunt and live with the others in the lake” Jenny nodded in agreement, even though she feared for the safety of their pet. The next morning, as the sun was rising over the horizon, John and Jenny released Pum’kin into the cool waters. Jenny leaned on John and clasped his hand as they watched her splash around with joy. Pum’kin was finally all grown up and free and all those years of caring for her brought the two closer together.

The Process

For this assignment, I did the exact same thing I have done with my previous photoshop creations. I found the two pictures that I wanted and combined them together. I have to give credit for the Seamonster picture I used because it was beautifully made by one named derdevil and he has many other wonderful creations. First, I opened the background picture. Second I “placed” the sea monster picture to see how much I needed to adjust the size. Luckily for me, both pictures were of similar dimensions so I really just needed to eyeball how small I wanted the sea monster to be. I opened a “new” photoshop file and “placed” the sea monster. I resized the picture to make it smaller  and used the “elliptical marquee” to select the monster itself. I went to “edit” and “copy” and then switched over to the background photo and “pasted” the monster in. Clicking on the “move tool” (V) I positioned the monster where I wanted and then spent a good long while using the “eraser” tool to erase the background. Going in-between the spikes takes a lot of zooming in and precision. Finally, I blurred the bottom of the neck where it meets the water to make it look a little more realistic. It still doesn’t look perfect but I felt it was enough for this particular assignment. As always, a step-by-step video is below for your reference.

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