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I just can’t seem to get these DailyCreates in order!


The point of todays DailyCreate was to retell a movie in a clip of 1 minute or less. The idea came very quickly to me. I chose to do Bridget Jones’s Diary because I absolutely love that movie and I feel like it should be prescribed as medicine to women when they feel sad, lonely, or unattractive. Because when I feel that way, I watch that movie and instantly feel better. My clip is a few seconds of me scratching something out in my “diary” and laying the pen down. You can see that what I have written is “Bridget Jones”, implying that I am her. Then the words “I feel fat” because that’s a huge part of the movie, followed by the words “I make poor romantic decisions” because that’s also a huge part of the movie. Finally, the words “Mr.Darcy loves me” because that’s how the movie ends. I feel that this clip perfectly summarizes the whole film.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Todays daily create instructed us to take a selfie, alter it, give ourselves a new superhero name and explain our superpower. So, I became DogGirl! Because cute doggy ears and a doggy nose are wonderful things to have. My superpower is super scent so that I can sniff out all the candy. Jokes aside, dogs smell is incredible. I mean, REALLY incredible. They can smell cancerous cells. So, If I had the sense of smell of a dog, my whole world would be different. Dogs “see” with their nose. I would love to be able to see with both my eyes and my nose.


Yay, another cartoon version of myself! That’s what the DailyCreate wanted us to do today. I used an iPhone app called “Cartoon Face” and I used Pixlr Editor to put my faces together.

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