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It Could Live in Your Fridge

Hello, Hello!

I feel like I have made some progress with movie making and editing this week! We were required to do at least two video assignments worth a total of 8 stars.

The Assignment

The assignment can be found here and it is worth 4 stars. The exact directions are:Using a GoPro or a time lapse app; explain something to us. For instance, you could show us how you or your character cooks for their family, what they do at work, or even as zany as how they do their makeup! Make it funny, make it emotional–make it anything you want it to be! Have fun with it!

The Story

I didn’t use any of the suggested methods but I feel that I still successful created a time lapse while also telling a story, since that was the point. My mother was, and is, an extremely neat person. I mean, she would vacuum the house everyday and spent hours scrubbing and organizing. It seems that I may have inherited that trait… I do actually enjoy cleaning. I enjoy doing dishes and I love organizing. I also avidly believe that the small spaces of a house get forgotten about sometimes: behind the washing machine, under the bed, in the cabinets, the fridge. Although this might not seem like a huge deal, I have to say that things have a way of hiding in those spots and accumulating. It’s a pretty nasty sight if you are moving the washing machine for the first time in a year. I hope that maybe this video will inspire some of you to take on a cleaning and organizing project! I understand that there are people out there who REALLY hate cleaning and they can’t seem to keep the clothing off the floor of their bedroom but I have to say that a clean environment shows that you care about where you live and that you care about guests when they arrive. It’s pretty important to be aware of these things and try to take care of them. Of course, hats off to the mothers who also work and go to school or the fathers who work over 40 hours a week and come home to cook dinner. Everybody gets busy, so it’s not shameful to let a few things go. However, if you are coming home and playing video games even though your house has been dirty for a week….that’s a no no.  The main points I am making this week with both of my video assignments is that we need to take more responsibility for our lives. That includes the environment we live in. Below is a time-lapse video of me cleaning the fridge and reorganizing it. I can’t say how many times I have found moldy, nasty food hidden away in a corner so a good fridge cleaning ever now and then is a great idea!

The Result

The Process

Below is a video tutorial with me talking about some of the things I did for this video. It should be very helpful. First thing you should do is get all of your video recordings and find some music. Incompetech is a great website for royalty free music. Also, may classical pieces are considered public domain and can be used in any way that you might like. The music I am using for my video is Claire de Lune, suite Bergamasque L 75. III by Steve Anderson. I don’t remember exactly what website I got it from but if you search “public domain” or “royalty free” classical music in Google, you should be able to find a few websites. Once you have all these things ready, open up your iMovie and make some movie magic.

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  1. Great video!! I loved your techniques and I think I could use your tips to clean my fridge as well!! So creative and helpful. #talkingPolack106

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