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I Love Nature

Good Morning!

Time for movie making magic.

The Assignment

This assignment is called “What Do You Love” and it is worth 4 stars. The exact instructions are: “Choose something that you love and make a video of it! You can take pictures or videos and combine them into one final video. Try to find music that has to do with the thing you love and add it to the video. Make sure to add a title and give credit to those outside sources!”

The Story

I really, really enjoy looking at nature. Okay, everybody does…mostly. However, I have met a person before who hated the sun. I’m not joking. She hates the sun or being in it. I go jogging with my dog very often and I usually always see something colorful or vibrant in nature. I am not a crazy nature freak by any means and I love being in big cities and admiring achitecture but I also love taking a day to go to Shenandoah park and walk the trails. I recently took an Ornithology class (study of birds) and it opened my eyes to how much variety there is in the living world. It’s kind of scary. Sure, we notice pretty trees but what’s the last time you walked up real close and really noticed how the bark looks or what patterns it makes or how thick it is.  I wanted to make this video as a tribute to all the great things I see in my neighborhood. I also remember reading a study that showed something about how humans and animals feel happier when they are allowed to look at nature scenes and how living without ever seeing much foliage can emotionally impact you in a negative way. As proof, or something like that, I can say that my husband was stationed in 29 palms in California at one point in his life and it is a rather barren land. I remember him telling me that he yearned to be able to look out his window and see green for once. So, please take a look and enjoy the scenery. Oh, sidenote: is that spider web clip at the end of the video not amazing?! I woke up to let the dog out and saw it just moving back and forth in the breeze.

The Product

The Process

For music, I used a piece called “Make it Fun” by Basspartout from their 2015 “Make Me Smile” album that I downloaded from iTunes. The footage is all mine.  Below is a screenshot of my work in progress. I used iMovie to make this video.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.06.55 PM

First I imported all of my videos by clicking the down arrow icon on the top left. Then I dragged whole clips or selected parts of clips to the gray area where you can build your movie timeline and sequence. I muted all my clips by clicking on the sound icon above the preview. I added transitions after every clip so that the movie felt more complete and smooth. Transitions can be found in the menu above your imported clips. For this video, I also used filters throughout the whole movie. The filter icon is above the video preview (the one with three circles overlapping) and it allows you to preview effects as your clip is playing. Below is a snapshot of what that looks like. All these filters are really amazing! They can make any video into a great one. I used “Hard Light” to make the colors pop.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.12.45 PM

Finally, I dragged in my music clip and exported my file to make a complete product!

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