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GIF Me a Break!

Howdy Folks!

Finally, I have settled on a GIF. This assignment was torturous: let’s dive into the details.

The ASSIGNMENT Say it Like Peanut Butter

First and foremost, the GIF.




This is that amazingly, famous scene from the Titanic where Rose Bukater (played by Kate Winslet) and Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) stand on the “Bow” of the Titanic and enjoy an exhilarating moment together. If, for some strange reason you have not seen the Titanic, the basic story is that of an aristocratic woman (Rose) falling in love with the common man (Jack) and the social obstacles they face. Well, it’s also based on the actual Titanic incident of 1912 (TITANIC). History is fun!


When I read over the assignment, I immediately turned to YouTube for tutorials. I looked through many and finally found one I thought I liked (iMOVIE GIF) and began working with it without exactly figuring out whether I have the necessary tools. Somehow, I needed to get a clip of the scene into iMovie so I downloaded a program called “Debut” which allows one to screen capture videos and pictures. I searched through YouTube to find a nice HD clip and captured a few seconds of it. Next, the tutorial told me to open it in iMovie and crop it down to about 1-2 seconds. I did that and was feeling confident. Unfortunately, the next step was to “Share” it by using “Export using Quicktime”. Apparently, Mac has decided that the “Export” feature of iMovie is useless and did not include it in the newest version which is what I have on my brand new Mac. My heart sank at this point because I am indecisive and have already spent much longer than I intended on this GIF. I checked out the DS106 handbook but it included installing more programs and I felt that I needed something easier.

I found a website that generates GIFs out of images (GIF MAKER) and proceeded to screen capture a few stills from the clip. All I had to do was upload the images and the GIF was generated. I was not pleased with how choppy it was and in the future I will probably install more programs that would help me just cut parts of a video and transform them, but for now I am happy with the result.


Really glad that’s done and over with!



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