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Flickr Magic

Hey everybody!

One of our assignments for this week was to play around with Flickr. Specifically, we needed to create a set and embed it into our blog post.  ASSIGNMENT: “That last one, making a Best of Set is required. Write a blog post and see if you can figure out how to embed a flickr set into your blog post. Write about the reason why you selected those photos. Write about the story you are trying to say with any of them.”


First of all, the BIGGEST issue here was that a “set” is an “album”. Personally, this had to be a cruel joke. I spent about 20 minutes looking up tutorials for “sets” and just kept hitting a wall. Some people said Flickr changed it’s whole layout so I was trying to figure out what year Flickr changed and then look up the newest tutorials. Finally, in some random video, somebody mentioned that sets are now called albums. Things became significantly easier after that…I went into my plugins and clicked “add new” and did a search for FLICKR. I finally chose the Flickr Album Gallery. In order to use it, one must have an API key and then the numeric code for the particular album. The API was an easy application on FLICKR in which you state what you wish to use it for. Once you submit, your API code shows up and you just have to copy and paste it into your plugin.


The main reason I selected these photos is because I consider them some of my best. I don’t always have a philosophical reason for taking a photograph, I just take it because it somehow speaks to me or is pleasing to me. It looks like many of my “best” photos have to do with animals and nature. When I was younger, I watched Animal Planet religiously and read animal fact books. All of it was so fascinating because it’s a reminder that we are not that special. Humans are extremely intelligent but we don’t run very fast and we don’t really have any physical defenses (when compared to many other creatures). The story in my photography is the story of the natural world around us, even when it’s living in our house.


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