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Dog Got in a Barfight

Hey guys and gals!


This was a required assignment for everybody and because of something that happened to our dog, Reagan, I thought the timing was pretty good. I did This Assignment is Suspect which is worth 3.5 stars and the specific instructions are: “Have you ever seen those crime shows that organize a case using a suspect board? Like Scandal or Blacklist? Well, that’s exactly what this assignment is. You will create a suspect board (or a board that connects different characters) to show interaction between the people. Feel free to add text, objects, and locations that connect to the people/characters to develop the story even more. Make sure that the board clearly shows how the pieces are connected, and in your post, explain the story behind it.”

THE PRODUCT (click to see full size)

Suspect Board -page-001

Friday night when I came home from work, my husband told me our dog was not doing so well. When I saw him I almost had a heart attack. The poor thing’s eye was completely swollen shut. Nobody slept that night because he kept pawing at it and whining and pacing back and forth. In the morning we promptly took him to the vet and found out it was an ulcer and the cause of it was most likely some type of trauma. My husband and I went on a mental investigation of the cause and suspects. Before we consulted with the vet, I had a suspicion that the brown rice I made him may have given him an allergic reaction so that went on the board as a potential weapon. After the vet, we began thinking about possible causes of trauma. Our neighbor has a cat named “Meaty” who hates Reagan because Reagan really wants to play with him and is always trying to sniff at him. We believed him to be a potential suspect: maybe an eye scratch?? The previous day, my husband Aaron had played with Reagan outside and had thrown a frisbee. He said they were playing pretty rough. Maybe the frisbee hit him? Also, our yard is a potential crime scene because we have all kinds of bugs, and even snakes. Reagan could have been bitten by a spider… In the end, we came to the conclusion that Aaron (my husband) was the criminal and the frisbee the weapon. He remembered suddenly that he accidentally hit Reagan in the face and that he yelped. Aaron most likely got him right in the eye! Reagan is all better now since he had received medication.


This was a simple matter of inserting pictures into word and moving them around. I googled a “cork board” and then put together all of the pictures I knew I would need. The only thing that was a bit different is that I needed to convert my .docx file into a JPG file. Normally, zamzar works well but this time it messed up the picture. So, I saved my file as a .PDF and then used a PDF to JPG converter. pdf2jpg is a good converter and worked well. As always, a video is below of my process, I had to speed it up because there was endless inserting and moving of pictures.

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