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Hey guys and gals!

This week we had to go out into the world with our camera ready and take pictures of designs that we feel may apply to some design principles we learned about. Below is a gallery of all the pictures I managed to take. Some at home and others were found in random magazines or stores. It was pretty fun to take all of these pictures because it made me realize how design changes our lives. We love having pretty things but we don’t think about the amount of work that may go into creating a logo or a purse.

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To reinforce your understanding, you need to undertake a “Design Blitz.” Carry your camera with you this week and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate at least four of the ten concepts listed below (one photo per concept). The concepts are discussed in length above but here is a list of the concepts.

minimalism & use of space


The moment I saw this photograph in a magazine (specifically The Smithsonian) I knew it was perfect for the concept of color. As some of our resources stated, color has the power to evoke feeling, emotion, and imagery. Warm orange, red, and brown colors speak to us of Fall and bright green, yellow, and blue colors speak to us of Summer. Color can also make us happy or sad according to The Cool Hunter.  These particular colors are very warm and earthy to me. They are also the more basic shades of lip color which may imply a relaxed and maybe casual feeling.  How they are layered on top of each other speaks chaos to me and maybe that’s because beauty can be very chaotic. The creator of this design is Irving Penn and he has created many beautiful works of design. I also believe that the colors are layered in such a way that even though there are bright reds and dark browns, they all seem to come together in this picture.



The concept of Minimalism is to say more with less. I personally find minimalism to be extremely beautiful. If I ever have to make a powerpoint presentation, I love using white backgrounds and adding images that have white backgrounds as well so it looks like the object/subject is a part of the slide. This is why I chose this NINEWEST shoe box to represent minimalism. It’s elegant, it’s creative, and it’s bold. What woman doesn’t want that in her fashion? What man doesn’t want that as well? The typography is sharp, but the design is gentle and curvy. I think this also represents the complexity of people very well.



Rhythm is the repetition or alternation of elements, often with defined intervals between them. Rhythm can create a sense of movement, and can establish pattern and texture. There are many different kinds of rhythm, often defined by the feeling it evokes when looking at it.” This next photo is a perfect representation of rhythm. Not only does it create movement, it enhances the texture of the product. I think one of the biggest tests of good design is whether you can use the design in multiple ways: This corkscrew “thermorest” is meant to be used as a place to put hot pots and pans on. But we also use it as wall decor in our kitchen because the rhythm is so beautiful. Human eyes love patterns.



The concept of unity means there are elements in a design that come together to create the whole. The whole would most likely not succeed without these individual elements. Dominance is when one element is stronger than another. Dominance give a design a particular meaning and a reference point. This is a purse I bought some time ago. I can honestly say that the moment I saw it I desperately wanted it. The unity between the maze-like structure and the flowers was so exciting to me because one does not usually see nature and hard lines come together like that (at least I don’t feel like I see that very often). I feel that the flowers dominate and represent a spring/summer look which I believe was their whole purse since the purse was in stores during the summer. If good design makes money, NineWest got me again.


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  1. I am especially…intrigued by your cork photo. Such a design is quite…interesting, and I find it surprising that corks of what…appear to be different brands could tessellate so well. Your Ninewest photos are also…well described. It is perhaps not surprising such a company would attempt to show good design through…multiple means. I am curious as to the setting for which the first picture was created, and will perhaps be a topic of…further research.

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