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Blitzed Away

Hey guys and gals!

One of our assignments was to try our hand at some photography under a time limit. This definitely required for one to be creative.

Here is what to do on for the blitz!

Your first photo is of something that shows the current time! Document when you started the blitz.
In the next 20 minutes, try to capture as many of the following photos as you can
Make an ordinary object look more interesting, almost supernatural.
Take a photo that makes use of converging lines.
Take a photo dominated by a single color
Take a photo of something at an unusual angle
Take a photo of two things that do not belong together.
Take a photo that represents the idea of “openness”
Take a photo that expresses a human emotion
Take a photo emphasizes mostly dark tones or mostly light ones.
Make a photo that is abstract, that would make someone ask, “Is that a photograph?”
Take a photo of an interesting shadow.
Take a photo that represents a metaphor for complexity.
Take a photo of someone else’s hand (or paw)
Take another photo of a timepiece that shows the time you stopped. It should be twenty minutes since step 1, right?
Upload your five best photos to flickr, and tag them “ds106photoblitz”
Write a blog post about your experience. Describe the place you chose to do this, and why you chose it. What was the experience like? What photos worked for you best? Give feedback/suggestions via comments for at least 3 other persons photos (you can find all the ones with this tag at photoblitz URL. What were the best ones you saw in the pool of photos? Why?


This was a really fun assignment! I liked that we had a time limit because that means you can’t overanalyze, you just have to think quickly and then hope that your photographs turn out well. I think one of the lessons of this assignment is that you can’t usually take a wonderful photo every time. Most people are not that skilled and perfecting ones craft means doing it over and over again. I chose my house, well mostly my kitchen and dining area. I chose this area because it’s a bit messy at the moment and there is so much variety in the things that occupy that space.  Once the “timer” started I walked around and let ideas come to me. My dog walked in to check on what I was doing so I snapped a photo of his paw and checked it off the list. The photo I took for the “metaphor of complexity” was my favorite idea but not my favorite looking photograph. I used my nesting dolls because they represent the complexity of life and the complexity of people. If you don’t know what nesting dolls are, they are the colorful painted wooden dolls that come in a set of sizes and they fit into each other. Very Russian. Anyway, just looking at the largest doll, you’d never know there is so much within it. That’s pretty much how life is: We see what is on the surface, but we don’t realize how many layers are within. For “openness” I open the door to our deck and took a picture of our back yard. We have two acres and the sight screams openness because there are a few tress but for the most part it’s a field of grass and a small hill in the distance.  The photo I took of “Converging Lines” was also a photo I could use for “Strange Angle”. I snapped a photo of a wooden easel while laying on the ground and looking up. I wasn’t expecting it to turn out amazingly well but it turned out to be a pretty neat shot and shows that photography can capture multiple concepts in one picture. Photos that were taken in adequate lighting turned out the best because they were clear and crisp. I included my photo of the clock at the end because I liked how the screen reflected the whole room in the background and an outline of me taking a picture. The background looks supernatural because the reflection is curved where the windows are and blurry.

The best photos I saw were by Henry Maston and Matt Jacobi. They made the most simple of objects look like they should be in a movie or in a magazine. Both of them also managed to take great shadow pictures and make some objects looks supernatural. I had trouble with doing that because I wasn’t thinking outside the box enough.  Not to mention Matt also added some humor by making his deodorant supernatural! I guess smelling good is very important.


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