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A Wedding Without Pride or Prejudice

Hello folks!

The Assignment

This week was all about mash-ups. We had to use a remix generator to get a set of instructions on how to remix some suggested assignments. My remix was worth 4 stars and can be found here. The exact instructions were: “We are currently in the middle of the wedding season. With this being said so many people out there are tying the knot! For this assignment, I would like you to create/design your own wedding invitation as if you were going to be getting married soon! What would it look like? You could include pictures, date, time, place, or anything else related to this topic that you think would be fun to incorporate! Use your imagination! Be creative! To create this assignment you should use Canva. Upload your invitation to Flickr” My remix card said to: Change up the media for the original assignment- take a video assignment into audio or design.

The Story

Since I was working with this wedding invitation by Alice, I figured I needed to incorporate something extremely romantic. For my media change I decided to use a movie since I was already focusing on mashing up movies. I knew immediately that I had to use Pride and Prejudice because it has to be one of the most classic and beautiful love stories ever. I used the most recent one because it is very well done and has some beautiful scenes. Pride and Prejudice is all about overcoming the odds whether they are social class, behavior, money differences, or matters of prejudice. I think it is a great movie to use as part of a wedding invitation because the whole film (and book) leads to a marriage. I bet Alice has probably seen the movie and would appreciate my spin on their wedding invitation.

The Result

The Process

I have a video below that is a good visual and commentary on everything that I did. It’s the usual steps, I used ClipGrab to get the videos off YouTube and then downloaded Alice’s wedding invitation picture. I used iMovie to put everything together.


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