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A Tale of Two Pictures

Hey guys and gals!

For this assignment, we had to choose to do one of the following:

Tell a Story in Five Frames is a group in flickr that you can join to add a story that consists of only a title and 5 photos, no text. You can share it with the group as described, or just construct it in your own blog post. See an example done by Alan (another ds106 instructor)
Five Card Flickr Stories is similar in approach, of challenging you to tell a story in photos, but the photos you get are randomly chosen (based on tags in flickr). You can play with a general pool of photos tagged fivecardflickr or a new one we added that just uses photos added to the ds106 Daily Create. When you save your story on the site, it will provide you a direct link to it as well as cut and paste HTML you can use to put it in your blog (You may need to switch your blog editor to a non visual editor to be able to accept raw HTML in the writing)
Write a Story Based on Someone Else’s Daily Create Photos Find two photos from the Daily Create Photography assignments, embed them into a blog post, and write a story that connects what happens in the first photo to the second one. Make it like a story sandwich, with your writing as the arc that connects the two images.

I chose the “write a story based on someone else’s daily create photos”. Amazingly, the two pictures I randomly chose happened to be posted by the same person! I guess I like his sense of humor! Here are the links: (SHOES) and (DaVinci Man)

Love walking but dislike polishing, tomorrow!

Soon after taking his shoes off, DaVinci Man, or just Mr. Man, decided it was time to experience all the things in life he had always wanted to do but was afraid. His fear was not unfounded and nor was it some insignificant anxiety that he was blowing out of proportion. Mr. Man was made of paper, you see. There were many more like him but they lacked the courage to escape their paper confines and thus they could only see the beauty of life when the wind happened to blow them off a desk or out of somebodies hands. Mr. Man was going to be different. He ripped the shoes off his feet, and in the process tore himself. It wasn’t going to stop him though, he stuffed the torn pieces of his feet in the shoes and ran off in search of adventure. Mr.Man went to get some coffee, he explored landmarks, he ate at a restaurant, he even watched a movie. His size was a bit of an issue, but he was made of paper and could easily fold himself to fit. He didn’t care about the looks that people were giving him and at the end of the day, he had just one more thing he wanted to do.

He hurried to the nearest amusement park and begged to be let it. This would be the happiest moment of his life. Humans seemed to love doing cartwheels as children, as if they wanted to flaunt their physical ability. Mr.Man decided he would show those humans just how it’s done. He approached a rollercoaster, stood at the base of it and in a fit of energy he cartwheeled all the way to the top! The wind almost blew him away but his determination kept him strong. Then he cartwheeled back down and up again until every inch of his flat, paper body was satisfied.


As the sun set, Mr.Man was exhausted with the days activities and walked back in search of his shoes and the pieces of feet he needed to glue back on his body. The next day, he may even try swimming.



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  1. Your story was beautifully written,! Are you an English Major or just a talented writer? My favorite part of the story was when Mr.Man cartwheeled to the top of the roller coaster because of how happy he was to do something that silly.#talkingpolack106

    Sorry I forgot to write talkingpolack so I redid my post

    • admin admin

      Hey Emma!

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I am a biology major! And I honestly don’t think i’m very talented at all, but I am so happy that you enjoyed it. 🙂
      I appreciate any compliment. #talkingpolack106


  2. I thought your story was very creative. I don’t think I would have been able to come up with a way to connect those two photos. It’s also very nicely written. The language you use sets an adventurous tone that is appropriate for the story being told.

    I forgot the #talkingpolack106 tag. Whoops.

    • admin admin

      Thanks so much. I actually don’t really even know how the idea came to mind or why it worked. 🙂


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