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Hey everybody!

This week we had to do a whopping five design assignments worth at least 12 stars. I was really interested in doing this one because I like playing around with colors and meaning. I chose to do the business logo one.


This assignment is called Branding and it is worth 3 stars. The specific instructions state: “For this assignment you will make a business logo for the business of a character of your choice. Be creative! Use an application like photoshop or a website like to create your logo. Make it personal to the business while remaining professional”


Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 4.04.30 PM

I knew I wanted to do something that had to with conservation and animal care. I really hate that words like “conservation” and “going green” have become tags for hippies and environmentally crazy people and even environmental terrorists. If you have never encountered a person who has said something like “Oh…so you wanna save the planet? Cause humans are destroying it?” you are very lucky. I believe the problem is that once a concept becomes popular, it saturates our lives to the point where we begin to resent the idea itself. Who hasn’t seen the “OUR BUSINESS IS GREEN!” and “THIS PRODUCT IS MADE FROM GREEN ENERGY!!” signs everywhere. It makes you wonder whether the product was actually carefully made or if it’s just another business scam to take your money. It’s extremely unfortunate that our society works like this because we should be aware of our actions and the potential consequences, whether small or large. You don’t have to be a crazy “hippie” to be conscious of the environment and you don’t have to be “crazy” to want to preserve a species of animal. The name “Animalon” just came to me because I wanted to have the word in it and I like the way it sounds when you say it. I chose a hand and a bird because it shows a humans responsibility to take care of our creatures. The hand is grey because I wanted the color and attention to be on the vibrant bird, since animals are the main subject here. I chose the blue and light, almost pastel green because they represent the water and the plants. I didn’t want to make it too colorful because that would be too aggressive. I think a good logo draws attention and then allows the reader to focus in on main parts.


I went ahead and used the suggested website which is called DesignMatic and is extremely easy to use and customize your logo. You simply go to the website, type in your company name and choose what the company deals with from the drop down list. Then, the site shows you many different kinds of pre-made logos that you can choose from. Once you choose one, it allows you to customize text and color and positioning. You will have to take a screen shot because the logo is not free. Below is a video of how I made my logo, it should be helpful!

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