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Daily Create-The Sea in my Backyard

Mediterranean Mermaid

Some children, with their endless capabilities to imagine, splashed around in a pond or a pool and believed it to be the vastness of the ocean. For me, that pond was the sea and it was, in fact, my front yard. I did not understand that as a child, I just knew that every morning when the light of the sun crept through the old bedroom window, it was time for me to go explore my underwater world. My mother and sister always needed my help crossing the street to the Mediterranean sea because they were adults and they were afraid. I didn’t mind holding their hands and leading them across the road from our apartment to my kingdom. I had many strange friends waiting for me, with their bright scales and beautiful fins and they always so eagerly awaited my arrival that in their absolute happiness to see me, they swam in all directions. One sunny day, my mother watched me dive and splash around with a smile on her lips and she told me that my name meant “maiden of the sea”. I wasn’t surprised, just as a princess must have a royal name, a mermaid must have a name befitting her destiny. I smiled at her in return and dived back into the sea to swim out to the mountains that protruded from the surface of the water, where the sea urchins held their meetings.

Cyprus was a great place for a child.


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