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The Mood is Not Good

Hey everybody!

Todays DailyCreate required that we sketch out an image that describes our mood. My mood today is that I want to do nothing. Actually, that has been my mood since the beginning of the semester. I did get some stuff done though so i’m pretty proud of myself. Not sure how I will manage to cook though…

Todays Dailycreate required that we tell a little story about a lucky day. I simply tweeted that I win the lottery! I know everybody always says that money doesn’t buy love and doesn’t solve all of your problems and though that may be true, money REALLY REALLY helps. I actually believe that it CAN solve many problems as long as you understand how to use it.

Todays dailycreate required that we choose a picture that represents an era and then talk about it via video. I chose a picture of Cupid and Psyche because I love their story and I love all the artwork created in their honor. It also represents classical greek mythology and storytelling to me.

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  1. I agree with you I went into fall break planning to do a lot of thing but I got lazy and enjoy my vacation with my family. You have a nice handwriting.

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