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Daily Creates-11&12

Good Evening!

Please enjoy these daily creates.

9/9/15– This Daily Create required us to post an image that would go well with the song title “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and I took a picture from a bride/road over a small lake near my house. There is a sign that says “no swimming” and “no fishing” which wasn’t there before so I am assuming something may be in the water. This pretty much goes well with the whole “troubled waters” theme. * I did this Daily Create a day late because I ran into some technical issues when I was preparing to do it.

9/10/15-This Daily Create required us to take a normal picture and alter in a way that would not be seen normally. I already had a beautiful picture of the body of water and trees around it. When I put some filters on it I realized that it looked very Jurassic Park-esque and knew exactly what I needed to put in there. This is one of my favorite Daily Creates and I think it looks so cool!

9.11.15– Todays Daily Create required us to write a “groot” which is a sort of poem with some sarcasm and wit behind it. The way I understood it is almost like a play on words. Sharp, witty, and with a message. So I wrote about being “confident” because I am convinced that how confident you are all depends on how you look on the outside. Even if you are terrified on the inside, if people perceive you as confident then you have succeeded.

9.12.15– Todays Daily Create required that we find lyrics and picture to go with them all in order to describe ourselves. So a theme song. I chose “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel because he describes in one song all that is feminine and womanly. It’s actually amazing. I chose Audrey Hepburn as the picture because she is a classic symbol of feminine mystique, and beauty.

9.14.15– Todays Daily Create required that we post a picture that represents some type of boundary. I took a picture of a child-proof gate that we use for our dog. He is very afraid of it and it’s a good way to let him know there are certain areas of the house that he should not be in. Doggies need boundaries!

9.15.15- Todays Daily Create asked for a 1 minuted video introducing the public to somebody or something (extra)ordinary. I edited a video a bit and posted one of a young girl who has some fantastic marksmanship. Amazing to watch! Good to see children learning to be really good at something.

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