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Radio Commercial


These two weeks have all been about radio making magic. One of our required assignments was to make a commercial for our radio show that our group will review and potentially pick to be in the Radio Show. Mine made it!

The Assignment

“Create a Commercial for your Radio Show

Each student should also create a commercial for their show, again it should be within the theme/style of your show, and should be 30-45 seconds long. A commercial should include something to draw the interest of a listener to the show, you are trying to convince them to tune in.”

The Work

The Process

For this commercial, I did something that had to do with history since people who are interested in history will be interested in listening to the show. I chose to make up a website that will help students and regular people research historical facts and articles that are proven to be credible. Every student hates having to dig through the deep dark web to find credible sources and with history, well, it’s kind of subjective sometimes! This “” website would allow full access to all sources for a fee of only 5 dollars a month. If I was a history major, I would definitely sign up.

In order to complete this assignment I had to set everything up first: I set up my mic in a quiet room, I went to and found some sounds, I placed all the sound files on my desktop for easy access, and I opened Audacity. I first recorded my voice saying the bumper and then I imported various files to add some music and sound effects. I used a few YouTube videos such as THIS one by KingTutsPro to learn a few skills in Audacity. YouTube videos make the process faster, but you could just as easily learn the basics by just clicking, reading, and trying things out! Also, I used music by Kevin Macleod who composes fantastic music and allows people to use it as long as they do not alter it. You can find some of his work HERE. I exported my final file as an MP3 and uploaded to Soundcloud and changed the permissions to “downloadable”. Below is a video that shows approximately how I completed this assignment. **The video below is the same as in my “bumper creation” post. The reason is that the process was exactly the same.

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  1. Miranda Elliott Miranda Elliott

    I enjoyed the upbeat tune you decided to use in the background of your commercial. It gives the commercial a happy feeling to the product you’re trying to sell.

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