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Radio Bump Bump Bumper

Hey guys and gals!

These past two weeks were dedicated to making our radio show. One of our requirements was to make a bumper for our show and then share it with the whole group. Mine ended up as one of the bumpers chosen!

The Assignment

“Create a 10-30 second Bumper for your radio show

Each student is to create a bumper for their show, it should be within the theme/style of your show, and include the name of the show and a ds106 radio station announcement, like “You’re listening to the Doggie Doo Show on ds106 radio, where it’s always a romp in the park”. A bumper is merely a reminder to the audience what they are listening to.

Upload your audio as an mp3 file to SoundCloud (make sure the option is set to download) and embed it in your blog post about this assignment.”

The Work

The Process

I wanted to make a bumper that wasn’t too short in order to give a bit of background on what our radio show is about and let the listener know some of the things they will be hearing. I chose “happy go lucky” music because our radio show is about the fun, wacky facts and it’s supposed to be lighthearted.

In order to complete this assignment I had to set everything up first: I set up my mic in a quiet room, I went to and found some sounds, I placed all the sound files on my desktop for easy access, and I opened Audacity. I first recorded my voice saying the bumper and then I imported various files to add some music and sound effects. I used a few YouTube videos such as THIS one by KingTutsPro to learn a few skills in Audacity. YouTube videos make the process faster, but you could just as easily learn the basics by just clicking, reading, and trying things out! Also, I use music by the compose Kevin Macleod who creates amazing music and allows people to use it for free as long as he is credited. You can find his music HERE. I exported my completed file as an MP3 and uploaded to it Soundcloud and changed the permissions to “downloadable”. Below is a video that shows approximately how I completed this assignment.

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