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My Village Friends

Hey guys and gals!

This has been an audio kind of week! For this week we were required to make at least 3 audio assignments totaling at least 8 stars. Audio assignments are available from the Audio Assignments Bank on the DS106 website. The main point of these assignments was for us to become more familiar when working with sound. This particular assignment that I chose is worth 2 stars and it required for me to make a “Village Announcement”. Here is a link to the exact assignment page: VILLAGE!

The Story

I chose this assignment because I wanted to make a funny parody of a public announcement. Public announcements are fantastic and are extremely helpful in passing along information to a very busy world but the whole concept that we are so digitally connected and that our lives are so fast paced can be looked upon in a comical light. That is why I chose to do an exxagerated and unrealistically happy Village Announcement. The story is that a very happy young lady announces to the village that life is, as always, fantastic even when something bad happens (life a thief stealing a cow). The whole announcement represents the things that societies find important like health, entertainment, protection, and the political atmosphere. It represents these things in a Utopian way because a Utopian world is not possible and we like to remind ourselves of that with humor. To me, this assignment also points out the problem with people “faking” their own happiness and how detrimental it can actually be. There is nothing wrong with living a difficult life (most lives are difficult at one point or another) and instead of pushing aside those troubles, we should embrace them and learn from them.

The Product

The Process

For this assignment, I used both AUDACITY and iMovie. I also used Freesound to download the necessary audio clips. In order to provide a quicker and more visual set of instructions, I went ahead and made a video of the programs I used along with the procedure I followed. Please take a moment to watch it as it shows all the steps you need to take to make a sound clip and goes well with my brief written summary! The first thing I did was to download a bell sound from Freesound and save it to my desktop. The second thing I did was record two sound clips in Audacity because I wanted to make a chippy female voice and a male voice.  I adjusted the voices by selecting the sound clip and going to “effects”, “pitch” and changing the settings accordingly. This tutorial for voice changes is one that I watched on YouTube by Layla, and it is extremely easy.  Once I had all of my files ready in .MP3 format, I opened iMovie and dragged and dropped them into a particular order. I had to shorten some sound clips and adjust a few things but the work was minimal. The final step was to upload my completed file to Soundcloud and then embed it into this blog. Pretty simple for this assignment!

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