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I Need More Shoes!

Hey everybody!

This week is all about audio and we were required to make at least 3 audio assignments worth a total of 8 stars or more. All assignments can be found in the Audio Bank on the ds106 website. For this assignment, I chose to do a conversation between “two people”. Both people are myself and the point was to alter the second voice so that it sounds like a different person. Here is a link to the actual assignment which is worth 3 stars: Phone Conversation.

The Story

I wanted to do a conversation between a daughter and a father because I believe that the dynamics between children and their parents have really changed over the years and are vary between cultures. In this audio story, a daughter is calling her father and asking for more money with an air entitlement. Specifically, she wants to buy more shoes. These two things are very relevant to some of the problems our modern, American society faces like the need to constantly buy “stuff” and the sense of entitlement that many of us (including myself) have as a result of the privileges we are born with. I don’t think anybody can argue that spending money we don’t have and feeling like we are entitled to whatever we want is a good thing. The conversation between daughter and father also includes his reaction which we hope is something along the lines of “absolutely not!” however, in this scenario, he spoils her by offering an obscene amount of money to spend on more shoes. We see this kind of exaggerated behavior in many funny movies and books and pictures because we know that these things actually happen. On a personal note, my father didn’t even like giving me money to go and buy ice-cream with friends and in a way I feel that he taught me a lesson about the virtue of working hard and providing for oneself to the best of ones abilities. I believe that media today should be showing more images and stories of people who work hard and earn their keep instead of watching wealth fall into somebodies lap.

The Product

The Process

Please watch the instructional video below on the programs I used and steps I took to make this audio file. It is a very helpful visual for the procedure and goes well with my brief summary. For this assignment, I had to look up a YouTube tutorial on how to change ones voice in Audacity and make it a male voice. I found a good video by Layla. I opened audacity and recorded the whole conversation in one sitting. The next step was to go back and highlight the areas of the voice that I needed to change and to go into “effect” and “change pitch”. The YouTube video has a slightly different version of Audacity but the basics are the same. Change the “semitones” to a -4.00 setting and then to move the “percent change” to -19.00.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.16.02 PM

After I finished changing the voice, I simply selected the whole clip and exported it as an MPR3 format file.

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