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Emotional Sounds

Hey everybody!

For this week we had a bunch of sound editing fun! Including our radio show. This is my one of two audio assignments. The assignment can be found HERE, it is worth 3.5 stars and it requires us to “Try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. They can be human sounds, such as crying with laughter in the background, to maybe express someone’s fears or being embarrassed, or you can get really artsy and try to convey an emotion by sound effects– like loud noises to show intensity, thunder to show fear, or quick, chirpy noises to show happiness. Edit at least 4 sounds together to show an emotion, upload it to soundcloud and then tag it with the appropriate tags.”

The Assignment

I decided to do a happy coffee scene gone wrong because I know that “getting a cup at Starbucks” is a huge cultural norm and it’s where people gather to have a good time, work, relax, or just enjoy some coffee in solitude. To me it represents a very basic aspect of humanity: we love to go out and be in an environment where we can feast and interact with other either directly or indirectly. I also did it because it reminded me of the horrible audio sounds I hear on BBC news when they discuss a terrorist attack anywhere in the world. It’s really terrible to hear the peace being destroyed by screams and bombs and death and in that moment, so much emotion is conveyed. I know they say that olfaction is the best mnemonic device, but sound is pretty powerful as well.

The Process

I finally am getting the hang of Audacity more! All sounds came from FreeSound and I watched quiet a few YouTube videos with various tutorials. These are all really handy and I would always suggest for people to browse through YouTube tutorials before opening a new program. I looked at Jon Harnum’s video on making sounds louder and softer. I also looked at KingTutsPro video on how to make your voice sound better. Once I had a better idea of what effects I could use in Audacity, I imported all of my audio files and moved them around, cut them, amplified them, etc in order to make it sound like an actual setting and not just a bunch of random sounds glued together. A quick video of how I started the process is below.

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  1. I like your sound because I can think of it as something that may happen any time. In this time even getting a coffee you need to be thankful that you can return home because there have been so many tragedies . Moreover, I like how you divide your post to accommodate all the segments that need to be address in the post.

    • admin admin

      Hi Melissa!

      Thank you for listening and enjoying! It is very good indeed to be thankful for all that we have 🙂 I am still new at working with audio so I hope I get better as I go.


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