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About Me!


First and foremost, welcome to my blog site. Enjoy your visit.

Fall Leaves

My name is Maryna Matorina and I am currently a senior at University of Mary Washington. Originally I wanted to get a bachelors in nursing from a great school in Texas, but I moved to Virginia and am now pursuing a bachelors in biology. I would really like to continue on to a graduate school but we will see where life takes me. If I do however, I will most likely be studying sustainability and/or conservation. I also have an associates of science degree from a community college back in Texas.

In my free time, I generally enjoy cleaning (yes cleaning), organizing things, going to the movies, and playing with my wonderful dog Reagan. My husband and I also like to train him in basic obedience and bite work.  DOG ICON WOOF.

I was born in the Ukraine and then grew up on Cyprus (an island in the Mediterranean). When I was nine, my dad moved our family to the United States where my grandparents and aunt were already living. I am still a fluent Russian speaker! I used to speak Greek fluently but I forgot it after a few years in the states. SHAME ON ME. I am attempting to learn french now though so that makes up for everything, right? Oui!

Right now, life is pretty unexciting for me. Just school and a part-time job at GEICO. I feel like I am waiting to start my “real life” when I graduate. Hopefully I can get a stable, full-time job, pay off some student loans, and start building my career.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and take a look around!